Creating Refugee Opportunities with Global Young Leaders

WU Talks By Emily Larson October 26, 2017

Recently, the One Young World summit took place in Bogota, Colombia – this gathering of 1,400 leaders and social entrepreneurs focused on educating on and solving key global issues such as peace, equality and human rights through the innovation of young leadership.

Western Union sponsored 2 influential refugees to join their delegation of 9 employees. Mozamel, originally from Afghanistan, is making waves in Berlin founding tech startups focused on inclusion of refugees within the local employment & social economies. Eugene, originally from Myanmar, is a thought leader in education for the Region and is currently a Liberal Studies student in Hong Kong.

Eugene flying the flag for refugee peoples during One Young World’s opening ceremony


At the summit, Western Union hosted a workshop where 30 young minds from across the globe strategized new ideas that could empower Corporations and non-governmental organizations to create more opportunities for refugees. Under Mozamel and Eugene’s guidance and leadership, this ‘think tank’ started to develop new projects delivering shared value including a skills-trade marketplace for native and new communities to learn from each other, and a comprehensive talent development and employment program for newcomers.

Mozamel sharing his story in Bogota, Colombia


Western Union donated My WU loyalty points that were redeemed for a donation to the education of refugee children on behalf of each leader in attendance. This added up to a $4,000 donation for the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative’s work peace building in northern Uganda.