Calling all storytellers: Help us build a global conversation

Global Citizen By Sonia Rothwell April 16, 2019

On the Western Union® blog, we cover topics that we think will be useful to our customers, and the global community we have formed through our 14+ million followers across social media.

Now, we are asking you for input on what you would find interesting to read about—and potentially even write about!

We have showcased guest bloggers like Dear Alyne, sharing her thoughts on Travelling With Your Partner. We’ve also asked some “expert expats” for their tips on  How to Become an Expat and we’ve shared Western Union Foundation news such as the collaboration we’re working on with Re:coded to help refugees learn coding skills.

Maybe you have personal experience about living and working across different countries, and what it means to be a global citizen. Perhaps you have a unique or meaningful reason that you send money across borders, and would like to share it with others. Or do you already blog or have a relevant idea you’d like to share with a truly global audience? Who knows! Your insights could be just the thing our readers want to read about!

Interested? Please email us at with:

  • Suggestions as to what you’d find useful or interesting to read about
  • An idea for a post you could potentially contribute to the Western Union blog

We look forward to hearing from you!