Busting the Start-Up innovation myth

Newsroom By Cecilia Hendrix September 13, 2018

Our own Khalid Fellahi, senior vice president and general manager of WU Digital, recently contributed a perspective piece to PaymentsSource magazine that knocks down the myth of start-ups as the only place where innovation happens. In it, he points out that while there is much that established companies can learn from start-ups, particularly around promoting a less formal culture, start-ups could learn from companies that have managed to sustain their innovation cultures over many decades.

Fellahi notes that our priorities at Western Union are dictated not by what will impress Silicon Valley, but by the best way to serve our customers — whether they are digitally savvy, or not, whether they want to use a credit or debit card or just old-fashioned cash.

As Fellahi tell us: Companies that are flexible, creative and pay close attention to their customers’ evolving needs are best positioned to fight complacency and, ultimately, achieve innovation.