What $5 Breakfast Looks Like in 17 Countries Around the World

Getting Around By Stefan Zechner March 6, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone starts their day with bacon and eggs. Here’s what a typical $5 breakfast looks like around the world.



Fruit Salad, Cheese Bread, Tapioca Crepe, Black Coffee, and Orange Juice

“Breakfast at the Manguinhos Beach in Buzios, just a couple hours from Rio de Janeiro. It’s a salad of tropical fruits inside a papaya, traditional cheese bread and natural orange juice with a typical northeastern delicacy: a tapioca crepe extracted from cassava or manioc. The perfect companion to black coffee, it can be made with sweet or savory fillings. We like ours with banana filling, honey, and chocolate.” – Kel Lopes and Marcel Murphy



Rye Bread with Ham and Cheese, Yogurt with Fruit and Muesli and Coffee

“This was my breakfast this morning. This is the standard, typical breakfast in Scandinavia.” – Gustav Jeppsson



Ackee Fruit, Salted Codfish, Fried Plantains, Avocado, Fried Bammy and Boiled Green Bananas

“My absolute favorite breakfast is Ackee (Yellow fruit that looks deceptively like scrambled eggs) and Salted Cod Fish (seasoned and mixed with the Ackee). This is the national dish of Jamaica. It’s typically consumed as a breakfast item with fried plantains, avocado, fried bammy (dried cassava baked into cakes then sliced, hydrated and fried), and boiled green bananas. The whole thing is normally accompanied by a hot beverage (in this case hot chocolate).“ – Andre Largie



Syrniki, Farmer’s Cheese Pancakes

“Here are ‘syrniki’ –my favorite typical Russian breakfast. I make It often at home and it’s a very popular breakfast served in all cafés in Russia. People like it because of the soft taste and because it is served hot, which is very nice in cold weather! Eat it with jam or honey – it is amazing!” – Ayna Ashkhabalieva


Chilaquiles, Fried Tortillas in Salsa

“These are Chilaquiles, a typical Mexican breakfast that consists of red or green salsa poured over totopos, or corn tortillas cut in quarters and fried. It also has pulled chicken, crema and queso fresco with a side of refried beans.” – Ana Lozano


Indore breakfast of Chai Tea, Poha Rice Flakes and Sev

“This is the most famous breakfast in Central India, especially in a city called Indore. It includes India’s famous chai (hot milk tea), poha (rice flakes) & sev (spicy snack made from chickpea flour). Medically healthy or not, lovers of this breakfast find it very healthy psychologically!” – Rohan Agrawal


Bocadillo de Calimares and Coffee

“This is a super nice breakfast from Madrid. It’s coffee with milk and a bocadillo de calamares, which is a fried calamari breakfast sandwich. It’s healthy, cheap, and delicious! Don’t hesitate to try it if you’re in Madrid, you can find it wherever!” – Maria Carrilero


Pasticciotti Pastry

“This is Pasticciotti, a typical cake from the south of Italy” – Antonella Delia


Bihun Noodles with Vegetables, Eggs, Chicken and Soy Sauce

“This is bihun goreng. It’s made from bihun (a white thin noodle), with veggies, egg, chicken, and soy sauce. Usually we eat it with peanut sauce too, so it’s really tasty. This is from Indonesia, but I believe it’s eaten in the Philippines too.” – Samuel Mellala  



Strawberry Banana Smoothie

“This is a healthy breakfast of blended frozen bananas with strawberries. Anyone can make this with a blender and it’s like having ice cream for breakfast!” – Leeanna Tieu



Apple Pie with Surelis

“Apple pie is a traditional pastry in Lithuania. The climate here is perfect for growing apples, and they are delicious. On the plate there is also a Lithuanian dessert called Surelis — a glazed sweet curd snack that comes in a huge variety of flavors that you can buy in any supermarket.” – Irena Gjorgieva  

Costa Rica

Gallo Pinto with Eggs, Ground Meat and Bananas

“This is my typical breakfast here in Costa Rica. I got this delicious meal for less than $5. What is it? It’s tasty rice and beans together, which are called ‘Gallo Pinto.’ Two eggs with ‘salsa ranchera,’ which is spicy sauce. I got ground meat (‘Carne Molida’ in Costa Rica) with this dish and also ripe bananas or ‘Maduros’ as we call them. You may want to try this dish with a cup of coffee to finish it like a Costa Rican champion. Enjoy!” – David Montes


Fruit and Kale Smoothie Bowl Topped with Granola

“This is my breakfast — a fruit and kale smoothie bowl topped with granola. A smoothie bowl is an easy and delicious way to start my day. It starts with a handful of frozen blueberries, strawberries, sliced peaches (or whatever frozen fruit on hand), and kale tossed into a blender with a cup of milk and then blended until smooth. Pour it into a bowl, top with granola,  and voila! It takes about 3 minutes to make and costs less than $5.” – Margaret Miller



Full English Breakfast of Back Bacon, Fried Egg, Fried Tomatoes, Beans and Hash Browns

“This is a full English breakfast from Manchester. Yummy!” – Laura Sebastianelli

The Philippines

Beef Mami Noodle Soup

“Cold, rainy/snowy morning? Here’s a breakfast that will keep you from getting frozen: Hot Beef Mami! A breakfast that’s best during cold seasons.” – Wilfredo Salavante


Tostada and Colada

“This is a  Cuban “Colada” and a “Tostada”. Colada is traditional Cuban-style espresso usually made using either an Italian or Spanish dark roasts. It’s identical to Italian pulls, except for the addition of sugar directly to the espresso pitcher. The heat from the coffee-making process will hydrolyze some of the sucrose, creating a sweeter and slightly more viscous result than a normal pull or adding sugar at the table. A tostada is fragrant Cuban bread. It’s split and buttered inside and out,  and then put in a sandwich press to toast for about three minutes. The result is a crispy and buttery outside and tender, moist and buttery inside.” – Rogger Intriago



Oatmeal, Fruit and Vegemite and Jam Toast with Coffee

“It’s all about variety, but breakfast must include Vegemite.” – Matt Barden

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