An introduction to WU® EDGE

Money By Christine Wardlaw May 8, 2019

In an increasingly globalized economy, more and more businesses find themselves in a stagnant international payment cycle. To address this challenge, Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) developed an online payments platform that helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) expand their businesses globally while helping to reduce the expense, time, and resources it takes to manage international transactions. It’s called the WU® EDGE platform, and is available to businesses at no cost.

What is WU EDGE?

Free technology, and fee-free global payments*:  WU EDGE facilitates fee-free*, near real-time transactions in 54 currencies and allows you to leverage our global bank network to make payments in over 130 currencies. Increase efficiency with a smart, 2-click payments flow designed to reduce the time it takes to transact

Connect to grow 

WU EDGE also helps connect buyers and sellers across a global B2B network. Invite your global partners to join WU EDGE at no cost and make fee-free*, near real-time payments in 54 currencies to 14 countries. Outside of WU EDGE, you can leverage our bank network to send payments in over 130 currencies to 170+ countries.

Connect with current trading partners and find new ones on the WU EDGE network. Easily capture, submit, track and pay invoices with your partners in-platform, to avoid spreadsheets and email overload. WU Edge Infographic

Simple reporting cash flow insight

Using WU EDGE your business can conduct a quick and easy analysis of your transactions and budgeted rates to help your business maximize cash flow. Your cash flow dashboard is automatically updated with this data, so you can quickly forecast, budget and manage risk.

Your business can also benefit from customizable reporting which helps you review transaction history and the impact of currency fluctuation to conduct ‘what if’ analysis of your budgets. WU Edge Insight Example

WU EDGE will also help you:

  • Track all foreign currency holding balances and activity statements at a glance
  • Hold and manage funds across multiple currencies with holding balances
  • Gain complete visibility of payment status and full reconciliation details

Find out how to revolutionize your business with WU EDGE.


*Transaction fee-free EDGE Network Payment services are available between fully accredited customers that have registered to use the WU® EDGE platform and are authorised by a WUBS affiliate to access services in Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA. WUBS will apply a foreign currency exchange rate, which includes a margin set by WUBS, whenever a transaction includes a currency conversion. Transaction fees may also apply to transactions other than EDGE Network Payment services that are initiated through the WU EDGE platform.