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Dear Alyne 2018-12-13

Make airplane rides more bearable

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I travel a lot and I get a lot of questions about how to make long trips on an airplane more comfortable. Everyone has their own tricks but here are mine:

First of all, I prefer to travel with a friend if I can. Sitting next to someone you know on a 15-hour flight is about 100x more comfortable than awkwardly being flanked by strangers and feeling uncomfortable moving even a little bit. I avoid flying alone as much as possible and when I do, I usually hate it. Traveling with a partner is also great because they usually help me realize when I’ve left behind my cellphone or passport or I’m going to the wrong terminal etc. (I may have a bad habit of this).

I also almost always travel with a large soft stuffed animal. They’re cozy and soft and everyone likes someone traipsing through an airport with a unicorn or rhinoceros plushy. The second they see you they think “Ahhh, what a charming young lady, look at that quaint unicorn” and they associate you with a cute innocent child and are instantly sweeter to you. MAGIC. Also, conveniently large plush animals are great cushions, pillows, and sleeping assistants on flights. Easy to rest your head on or prop yourself up!

woman standing with stuff unicorn and camera

Noise cancelling headphones. These are not a must but are a great way to get people to leave you alone, to block out the cries of nearby children, or to cancel out the white noise of the plane. Also excellent for focusing if you want to work on a long flight, speaking of which, long flights are great for concentrating, I actually enjoy them because there are few distractions. Make sure your laptop is fully charged before the flight and get working!

Food! Eat a great meal before your flight! Solid good food. Then you won’t be tempted to eat airplane food that might make you have indigestion in the air. Bring snacks you like as well!

Wear comfy clothes. I opt for leggings, a tank top, and two types of sweaters for layering. Also, extra clean socks, Airplanes have a lovely habit of oscillating between extreme heat of the Sahara and the deep winters of Antarctica. Charming.

Drink a lot of water. You’ll be a lot more miserable if you get sick from dehydration. Bring a water bottle and fill it from the big ones at the back of the plane to avoid the repetitive experience of having a small water cup constantly refilled. Bring little vitamin C tablets to dissolve in your water to help you stay hydrated and avoid getting sick.

Prepare yourself for no in-flight entertainment. I recently embarked on a 10-hour flight…with no in-flight entertainment. I personally didn’t know that intercontinental flights even existed with no in-flight entertainment BUT IT’S A THING! So, bring books, magazines, journals, download podcasts, papers, anything to keep yourself from losing it if there’s nothing to watch. THOSE WHO ARE PREPARED SHALL PROSPER.

There are hundreds of ways to prepare for a flight to make sure it’s more enjoyable, so be sure to think ahead of what your pain points might be and come prepared. Enjoy the sky!!

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Dear Alyne Dear Alyne is the creator of “Dear Alyne”, a Facebook page with over 600,000 members from around the world. She creates weekly videos that open conversations around topics like “The Pink Tax”, “The Visa Trap”, and other relevant social issues.

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