How to Affordably Stay Warm During Cold Weather

Tips By Western Union Global Social December 2, 2016

Worried about high heating bills this winter? Energy costs often increase during the winter months, which can be an unwelcome burden on your wallet. Rest assured, however, that there are other solutions available rather than turning up the heat as the weather cools down! Western Union (WU) has some tips on how to affordably stay warm during cold weather so that you feel cozy and comfortable all winter long.

Seal Up Drafty Windows and Doors

Run your hand along the edges of your windows and doors; you might be surprised at how much heat is escaping, and how much cold is coming in! To help stop that leaky air, add weatherstripping, or for a more budget-friendly solution, you can adhere plastic film or foam to your windows to help keep the chill at bay. For a free solution, simply grab towels from around the house, roll them lengthwise, and stuff them along the windowsills of windows to reduce the incoming draft.

electric blanket

Use a Heated Blanket or Heating Pad at Night

If you’re turning up the thermostat at night when going to bed, chances are you’re increasing your heating bills unnecessarily. You can actually lower the temperature at bedtime in your home as a whole, and still stay toasty by using an energy-efficient electric heated blanket. Just make sure the blanket has a timer that turns off after a certain amount of hours so you don’t roast too much!

If using a heated blanket isn’t an option, warming up a heating pad in the microwave and sleeping next to it at night is an easy and budget-friendly way to stay warm while saving money.

Stylish black and white rug on wooden floor

Put Rugs on Floors

According to the National Energy Foundation, you can lose up to as much as 10% of heat through uninsulated floors. An inexpensive solution is to put throw rugs around your home to help keep heat inside the rooms. Rugs not only act as insulation but also help keep your feet toasty and add a feeling of coziness that can help you feel warmer when it’s chilly outside.

Temporarily Seal Your Chimney 

If you have a non-functional fireplace or a fireplace you don’t use, you might be surprised at how much warm air is lost through the chimney. Consider installing a

draft stopper, fireplace plug, or chimney balloon in the chimney to temporarily seal up the space so the nice warm air that you pay for doesn’t go to waste!

Close Doors to Unused Rooms

Have a guest room you hardly use? Or an area of your home that you don’t go in much? Make sure the warmth in your house goes where the people are! Simply close the doors to unused or rarely used rooms so that you have control over where the warm air flows in your home.

Putting these inexpensive energy-saving tips into action is sure to help keep your heating bills under control this winter. Do you have any more tips to stay affordably warm? Be sure to let us know in the comments!