Affordable travel spots in America

Getting Around By Katie Kuchta June 27, 2018

Katie Kuchta is a writer, yoga and wellness guru, and self-proclaimed foodie. Aspiring to have the means to travel more is where her money saving tips and minimalistic lifestyle come in handy. In her spare time she can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the hunt for the best tacos in Texas, follow her on Instagram. We’ve teamed up with her to share her tips on how to save and make your dollar stretch!

Traveling in the United States can be very expensive after you consider purchasing airline tickets, hotels, meals, and transportation. However, there are many areas of the country that are quite affordable to travel to. Consider these affordable travel spots in America that are sure to show you the sights without breaking the budget.

Washington D.C.

Most large cities on the East Coast require a lot of money to travel around in but the nation’s capital is not that kind of big city. Washington D.C. is actually a very affordable place to spend a week even if you have the family in tow. The most expensive part of visiting DC is traveling to the area but many Americans are within driving distance to help save some serious cash. Thanks to new websites like Airbnb, there are many Washington DC residents who are renting out parts of their home to tourists.  Food will be your next biggest expense with meals costing more than in other places but consider packing food for lunches and snacks to help keep your budget low. The best part of Washington DC is the sightseeing which is mostly free. Great places like the Smithsonian, Memorials, and Capital Building are all absolutely free to visit.

Pompano Beach, Florida

If the beach scene is more your style, consider traveling to what is also known as “The heart of The Gold Coast”. Pompano Beach is located just North of Fort Lauderdale is a great location for singles and families who want to enjoy some time in the sand and beautiful Atlantic waters. Hotel room costs make it an easy choice for families who want a lot of bang for their buck. There are plenty of things to do in the area including hanging out on the beach, splashing in the ocean, or checking out the coral reefs of the area. Fishing is also very popular in the area and families will enjoy the many easy (and free) areas for children like playgrounds near the beach.

Portland, Oregon

A mix of urban curiosity and beautiful natural resources flank the city of Portland, Oregon. Known as “The Rose City” for its perfect environment for growing gorgeous roses, this up and coming West Coast city has been booming in population over the last decade. Portland is a unique city in its culture and style of doing things and people watching in downtown Portland could keep you busy for hours on end. Flights into Portland are relatively cheap, especially if flying early in the morning or at night. Getting around town is easy between using ride shares or their extensive light rail and bus systems. The beauty of Portland extends to the surrounding areas where you can spend the day on top of Mount Hood or cross over to Washington to tour Mount St. Helens. Other free activities include touring the Columbia River Gorge that includes the beautiful Multnomah Falls. If you wanted to dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean, Seaside is an easy day trip that will allow you to check out the wonder of the Pacific as well as pick up some fresh salt water taffy.

Atlanta, Georgia

This hub of the Southeast region of the country is well known for having the busiest airport in the world. This may be a headache for travelers, but can be a great way to score a deal into an airport with many competitors. Atlanta’s rail system is easy to use and does a good job of canvasing the city in every direction. Hotels are easy to find in a wide range of price points. The cuisine in Atlanta offers the best in good old southern cooking where grits and greens are a staple. There are also a myriad of things to do including sights and museums in the area that cost less than $10 or are free.  One little known fact is that Atlanta is known as the City in a Forest, with over 48% of its land covered by trees.

Traveling in the United States doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can find plenty of deals within large cities like Washington DC as well as hidden gems like Pompano Beach that will allow you to explore and enjoy your time while still on a budget. Check out West Coast areas like Portland, Oregon that offer both city and natural excitement that are all easy on the wallet. Southern cities like San Antonio and Atlanta also offer a window into other cultures and activities that are free or almost free. Enjoy these affordable travel spots and others all around the country to explore the best that America has to offer.