Advancing racial equity and justice

People By Hikmet Ersek, Western Union CEO October 16, 2020

Today, Business Roundtable announced a set of corporate initiatives and public policy recommendations to advance racial equity and justice. I am a proud to be an active participant in the Roundtable and this work. As you may know, the 207 signatories in Business Roundtable continue to be an active voice in evolving conversations about what corporations can do to address the systemic challenges facing Black Americans and communities of color.

Some of the recommendations and initiatives announced by the BRT are:

  • Ensuring Black Americans have access to good jobs and successful career pathways
  • Supporting Black-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Helping the Black Community and people of color establish financial security
  • Improving early educational opportunities for students in the Black Community, one of the core drivers of racial disparities

Western Union continues to be a long-standing advocate for Human Rights and the fight for equity and inclusion for marginalized communities—our global commitment to opening doors for the underserved has long been a part of our corporate ethos; however we also acknowledge that we still have work to do. The fight for equity and inclusion is about more than initiatives and statements, it is about deconstructing and changing a system that has long stood as a barrier to achieving true racial and social equality. Our empathy needs to be sincere, our stance needs to be strong, our education needs to be deep, and our advocacy needs action instead of words — I am committed to doing the work to get us there.

Please stay tuned as we share progress on the work that lies before us in this critical journey.