5 Tips That Will Help You Land a Promotion

People By Cecilia Hendrix February 1, 2016


After you’ve successfully landed a job and have worked there for a while, there is a chance that you will be rewarded for your work. If you work hard enough and help your company reach new achievements or accomplishments, your boss or employer might decide to give you a promotion.
If you want to learn how to stay on the right path that leads to a reward or a promotion, keep reading and we will show you all of the tips and tricks that will help get you there.

  1. Assess Yourself

Before doing anything, take a good look at yourself and your work performance. Think about how others perceive you and how your boss might view your weekly work performance. If you have any flaws or weaknesses that relate to your current job title or position, try to work on those so you can become the best worker you can be.

  1. Take Initiative

When employers look to give someone a promotion, they often look to the ones who take initiative. In other words, you should lead instead of following. If your boss or employer asks for someone to stay late, be the first one to volunteer. Show them that you are committed to the company and that you want to be the best and are eager to achieve success.


  1. Go the Extra Mile

When your employer sees that you go the extra mile, he or she will definitely consider you when new opportunities for advancement arise. When completing assignments, don’t do the bare minimum, but rather you should do more than what is asked for. This shows that you care about the company and you are worthy to be recognized for a potential promotion.

  1. Work Happy

Having a good attitude is infectious. Don’t come to work upset or angry. Think happy and be happy. You want people to see how much you enjoy your work because then they will realize how much you care about the company overall. Plus, having a great attitude at work will let your employer know that you are in it for the long haul, and are a strong candidate to receive a promotion within the company.


  1. Don’t Be Shy

If your employer lets you and your peers know that there is a promotion or a new job up for grabs, make sure to let them know you are interested. Request to speak privately with your boss or supervisor and tell them that you would like to be considered for the promotion. Make yourself noticeable and you’ll always be at the top of your employer’s mind when these opportunities for promotions come up.

Receiving a promotion is quite a rewarding experience. It may not happen overnight, but if you work hard and show that you are a trustworthy and capable employee, you will be noticed and rewarded for your service.Whether you just graduated from college or are starting a new career, check out our WU Careers page to find out we can help you through our financial services.