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Emily Larson 2017-2-24

5 Reasons you should join Western Union’s Chain of Betters

You may know that Western Union firmly believes that when money moves, better things happen. What you may not know is that Western Union gives people across the globe the opportunity to create a better world with our Chain of Betters initiative.

  1. Join a community of people who believe in better

From building a boat in India to help children reach school safely, distributing tents for the homeless in California, providing generators for a hospital in Ghana, enabling farmers to mill their own corn in Mexico and helping one woman achieve her dream to become a pilot in South Africa, everyone who is part of the Chain of Betters as an entrant, a winner or a community who have benefited believes in a better world.

  1. You can be the story, not just read the story

It’s an opportunity to act and help towards creating the world you want. Know a neighbour, a school, a community, a village who need some support? Chain of Betters is the opportunity to take action and make a difference by entering your idea for a selfless good deed. We have supported ideas around training, education, disaster relief, health, materials, technology, personnel and more.

  1. You don’t have to be a Western Union customer

You don’t have to be a Western Union customer to enter1 a project into the Chain of Betters, you don’t even have to use any money transfer service. Employees, Agents and Front Line Associates can also get involved. You just need an idea that benefits other people and has the potential for lasting change. And of course, a few minutes to tell us all about it.

P.S. If you are a Western Union customer, accepted entries from eligible countries will qualify for MyWU loyalty points!

  1. It doesn’t cost you a penny

You read that right. All projects that are selected to be turned into a reality receive US$1000, fully funded by Western Union. If selected, you will be able to turn your idea into a reality and share your completed project with us – we will share your pictures on for the whole Chain of Betters community to see.

  1. Because, why not?

Moving money for better means moving money for a better world – creating value for individuals, businesses and society. Why not join us?

Disclaimer: 1 No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents in eligible countries over 18 years of age. Subject to Terms & Conditions at



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