5 Dishes from Turkey to Make for the Whole Family

Go Global By Christine Wardlaw January 10, 2016


If you’ve ever traveled to the wonderful land of Turkey, you know that one of the best parts about the country is the food. There are tons of delicious recipes and treats that surround you in Turkey, and if you’re looking for a new meal to try in 2016, then look no further!

It’s always fun to try something new, and we’ve picked out five amazing dishes that will have your family lining up for seconds. Check out these five recipes from Turkey that you can make for the whole family all year round!


Do you like pizza? Who doesn’t? Lahmacun, which means “dough with meat” in Arabic, is a Turkish rendition of the popular pizza meal. This dish is a flatbread layered with tomatoes, bell peppers, minced meat and onions, and is spiced with some of the finest flavors in the Mediterranean. In Turkey, most people squeeze some lemon juice on it and roll it up like a burrito before eating.



If you’re a fan of eggplant, this dish is simply a must-try. This meal is paired with minced meat and topped with onion, parsley, garlic and a tomato filling. To make sure your dish is as good as ever, make sure the eggplant is ripe. Ripe eggplants are firm and shiny, and if they are squishy or soft, then they need a little more time to ripen.


Grilled over a charcoal fire, kebabs (or kebaps), are a great way to enjoy the meat you like on a skewer. There are many different varieties to choose from, which makes this the perfect meal for all. Whether it’s lamb, beef or chicken, it’s your choice to decide what you want to include on your kebap before it’s grilled to perfection. If you’re in Turkey, especially Istanbul, you will certainly find many areas to grab one of these delights on a stick.



Nothing smells better coming out of the oven than Baklava, which is one of the most popular desserts in Turkey. This pastry is made with a flaky dough, butter, syrup and a delicious filling for a treat that will have your taste buds rolling. Whether it’s made with walnuts, pistachios or chestnuts, this warm delight can be enjoyed any time of day for those of you who have a sweet tooth.

This is just a small sample of what the great country of Turkey has to offer as far as food and treats are concerned. From Menemen to Kofte and Pide, there are plenty of other recipes you should look into if you enjoy the selection above.

The next time the whole family sits down to enjoy a nice, home cooked meal, why not try one of these delicious dishes from Turkey? They are guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget! If you have any friends from this country, try inviting them over! We’re sure they would have some great tips on how to make it a true Turkish meal.