5 Dishes From Pakistan to Make During the Month of March

Go Global By Western Union Global Social March 13, 2016

Asian Indian Family Enjoying Meal Together

Pakistan is the sixth-most populous country in the world and throughout this large country exists a wonderful sense of culture. If you’ve ever had a chance to visit this country or have had a friend who lived there, you might have also experienced its appetizing and one-of-a-kind cuisine as well.

Each month presents new opportunities and there’s nothing better than trying out a new recipe. Here are five delicious dishes from Pakistan that you can make from the comfort of your own home!


A delicious Pakistani appetizer, samosas are fried or baked small pastries, typically triangular-shaped, that tend to be filled with savory meat, vegetables, spiced potatoes, onions and lentils. This dish is what is called a “chaat,” which is a snack that can often be found as a tasty street food option in Pakistan or India. So keep your eye out if you should ever find yourself roaming the streets of Lahore or Karachi!

Moong Dal

A classic comfort food, Moong Dal, or mung lentils, is a soup comprised mainly of split yellow mung beans, which are a type of legume native to Southeast Asia. This dish is flavored with curry, ginger, chili pepper, tomatoes, cumin and garlic. If you want a dish packed with health and protein, add some chicken to the recipe for something a bit more filling!



Biryani is a mixed rice entree made with spices, rice, meat, fish or vegetables. There’s no wrong way to make this dish, which is why it’s made for so many different and special occasions like parties, weddings, or holidays. Chicken Biryani is one of the most popular recipes for this treat, and can be made easily by cutting the chicken into chunks and flavoring it with salt and stock!

Aloo Gosht

A meat curry, Aloo Gosht consists of potatoes, or aloo, cooked in meat, or gosht, in stew-like gravy. Generally the meat and potatoes are simmered for quite a while with tomatoes and extra spices such as cinnamon, ginger, garlic and chili powder. Serve the dish with a side of naan, a typical Pakistani flatbread made with flour and eggs!


Sweet Gulab Jamun

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! These fantastic Pakistani sweets are akin to homemade donuts and will have your children asking for more in minutes! Serve your Gulab Jamun with fresh cream or powdered sugar on top for an extra-special treat.

No matter what recipe you make, as long as it’s made with love it will be something the entire family will remember. If you ever visit Pakistan someday or simply just want to bring a taste of it to your family dinner, try any one of these five recipes to make the month of March even more special.