5 Career-Related Resolutions to Practice in the New Year

Career By Western Union Global Social December 16, 2016

Many people make resolutions every New Year, however, few people actually follow through with them. If you want to make sure you don’t find yourself in a rut year after year, it’s important to set goals and work toward them. If you’re inspired to make strides with your work next year, Western Union (WU) has 5 career-related resolutions to practice in the new year that will help you reach for the stars!

Take Stock of Your Current Situation

Before setting new resolutions, it’s important to take stock of where you are now. Are you happy in your career? Are you doing work that you love, or enjoy? Are you making enough money? Are you overwhelmed or do you feel like you could take on more responsibility? Take some time to take a real look at where you are now, and if you’d like to stay on the same path or go in a different direction.

If you want to go in a different direction, make a list of the steps it will take, like applying for a new job, networking, or taking classes, that will lead you to where you’d like to go.

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Become More Productive

 Do you feel like you use your time wisely and are productive at work? If not, then taking inventory of your work habits and seeing where they could use some improvement is a great idea. If something needs to be changed, like learning to better prioritize your tasks, reduce distractions, or improve your work environment, then make those changes so that you can set yourself up for success in the new year.

Expand Your Connections

People often balk when they hear the word “networking.” Rather than concentrating on networking, which can feel disingenuous, think about ways to expand your connections and friend base. Perhaps joining a club, group, or team will help you to meet new people, put yourself in new situations, and build relationships that can help you along the path toward reaching your goals, both personally and career-wise. Make it a priority to get out and meet people in the new year.

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Update Your Resume

How long has it been since you’ve updated and cleaned up your resume? To be ready when opportunity knocks, you need to have your materials in order. Also, updating your resume can help remind you of your skills and accomplishments thus far, which can be just the boost of confidence you need to pursue your career resolutions.

Learn a New Skill

To stay relevant in the marketplace, you want to make sure your skills are sharp and you’re up on the software and apps that are relevant to your industry. It’s a great idea to either take online tutorials or classes in the new year to update your current skills and gain new ones so that you’re always on the cutting edge in your industry.

Setting resolutions for the new year (and actually sticking to them) is key to making forward progress in your career. What career resolutions have you made for the new year, and how are you planning on making them happen? Share your stories in the comments!