The 5 Best Gifts To Give Dad on Father’s Day

Go Global By Western Union Global Social June 5, 2016

Man outdoors smiling with young boy hiding gift behind his back

Dads are the best. During the month of May, we celebrate all of the wonderful qualities of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and cousins. In June, we do the same for the most important men in our life. The day was created in complement to Mother’s Day, as a way to honor our fathers, grandfathers or even uncles and say thank you for all the great things they’ve done for us.

Though it is typically celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the United States and around the world, other countries enjoy it on another day, like Australia who honor Father’s Day on the first day of September. Regardless of when you take part in Father’s Day, getting your Dad a great gift is just a small way to show him how much you care. Take a look below and our list of five creative gift options that you can give Dad on Father’s Day that will truly make him smile!

Movie Night in a Bag

Is the special dad or father figure in your life a big fan of movies? Gather together a couple of his favorite films, along with bags of microwave popcorn, candy, and any other of his favorite movie concessions for a guaranteed fun night in. For an affordable alternative, find some home movies to show him or make your own film for him and have a viewing on his special day. When it’s a gift made with love, it’s even more meaningful.

Polaroid pictures of father and daughter, childs drawing, present and tie laid on wooden desk backround.

Dad’s Day Out!

Does your dad love sports? Music? Theater? Comedy? There’s no better gift than the gift of your time, bonding over a shared activity. If you have a shared passion, then it is even better! Take him out for the day; sharing some laughs over one of his favorite interests. Just letting your father know you want to spend time with him is the best gift of all.

Bucket List Item

A bucket list is simply a list of things you have always wanted to do! Is there something your dad has always wanted to try, or somewhere he always wanted to go, but hasn’t been able to? Now might be the time to present him with those guitar lessons he’s always wanted to take, that drum set he never got when he was a kid, or the relaxing fishing excursion he’s been dying to go on but hasn’t had the time.

Father and son laughing and reading

The Gift Of Memories

Giving your Dad a gift straight from the heart is one that he will remember forever! Find some old photos and frame them for him to put on his nightstand. You can even put together a scrapbook of things he loves: baseball cards, a menu from his favorite restaurant, and of course, photos of his family. This will truly show how much you care and might even bring a tear to his eye.


A WU Money Transfer

If you live far away from your Dad, sending him a Western Union Money Transfer® will show him how your love travels any distance. He can use the money for whatever he wants, whether to help pay his bills or enjoy a fun night out on the town. Western Union knows how family is important, and a money transfer to Dad on his special day could be just what he needs!

These are just a few creative ideas that go beyond the typical Father’s Day presents. Do you have any special Father’s Day gifts that you like to give? Leave your gift ideas in the comments!