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Send money to India and switch on a better future this Diwali

Did you know that almost 300 million people in India still live without electricity? Western Union’s Chain of Betters initiative is focussing on bringing light to India this Diwali, so every time you send money to India with Western Union® between October 1 and November 1, 2016, we will contribute up to Rs100 for each transaction to light up villages without electricity.



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Why send money to India with Western Union?

Whether you choose to send money to a bank account in India using our online service, or from more than 4,000 agent locations2 around Australia, the transfer fee now starts from $4* across the board.

If you need to send more than $1,000 online, the fee is $0*.

With a service that’s as fast as the banks and with our most competitive rate to date, money transfer to India qualifying banks in the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) network1 with Western Union is a smart idea.



Why use Western Union for money transfer to India?

Fees start from $4*.

Funds available the same business day1.

Send up to $5,000 online or $10,000 from an agent location.

Fees* for money transfer to a bank account in India

Send online

Send Amount (AUD)               Fees*   
$00.01 - $1,000.00   $4.00
$1,000.01 - $5,000.00   $0.00


Send from an agent location

Send Amount (AUD)               Fees*   
$00.01 - $200.00   $4.00
$200.01 - $10,000.00   $12.00

Participating banks include:


Money transfer to India is easy

Sign up for an account online.

Choose your sending method.

Enter your receiver and payment information.

*Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. Subject to applicable taxes, if any. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates.

** Card issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply. Use a debit card to avoid these fees and charges.

1Available to all banks in the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) network.
2Network data as of 31 December 2014.

3Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory and foreign exchange issues, required receiver action(s), identification requirements, Agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional Restrictions may apply. See Online Terms & Conditions for details.