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Smart People Fall for Scams Every Day

Con artists use good people like you, and good money transfer companies like Western Union, to steal money. The best defense is awareness and education—so you can spot the warning signs. There’s a lot of information on this site to help you help yourself, help others, and help us. Together, we can fight fraud.


Consumer Fraud Awareness Videos

Scammers are constantly changing their tactics. But understanding their techniques will help protect you against them. Watch these fraud videos that describe the most common scam types and provide valuable tips for the consumer to use to help protect themselves from falling victim.

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Money transfer never-evers

Eight things you shouldn’t do when sending a money transfer.

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Questions answered

Answers to common questions about fraud.

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Be aware

Learn more about what we do to help protect you from getting scammed.

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Fraud Awareness brochures

Download brochures for tips and information about protecting yourself from fraud.

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Fraud Alerts

Looking to sell your car or motor bike or caravan online?

Watch out – scammers  look to contact online sellers to get them to part with their money.  Remember your selling the item so you should never pay for anything, the buyer should pay you. Don’t fall for the overpayment scam.

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Watch the Internet Purchase Scam Video


Think you've been scammed?


Report it. You can help us and, in the process, help others from getting scammed in the future.

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