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Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Card

1. What is the Western Union Gold Card?

The Gold Card speeds up the process of completing a money transfer at an agent location by accessing your details and the details of the people you regularly send money to, so sending money is even faster and easier.

The Western Union Gold Card is completely free to use, with no registration or annual fees.



2. How do I get a free Western Union Gold Card?

Next time you send a money transfer at an agent location, just indicate that you want a Gold Card on the money transfer form and the agent will complete your enrolment during the transaction.

We’ll mail a Western Union Gold Card to the address you provided on the money transfer form.



3. How long will it take to receive my Gold Card?

Gold Cards are produced in batches, so you may not receive it immediately.

You can start enjoying its benefits right away by using your Gold Card number or the phone number you provided on the money transfer form.

Make sure we have your correct address so you can receive your card as quickly as possible.



4. Do I need to show my Western Union Gold Card with every money transfer?

No, you can still enjoy your Gold Card benefits without showing the card by simply providing your Gold Card number or your mobile phone number when you fill out the money transfer form.



5. What if I lose my Western Union Gold Card?

First, don’t worry: Your personal information is secure with Western Union. No personal information is stored on your card.

You can always contact us to ask for a replacement card.



6. How do I update the information on my Gold Card?

The next time you send money and use your Gold Card, the details of your transaction—including changes or updates to your information or your receiver’s—will be saved.

You can also contact us for help.