Receive money with our home delivery service

Western Union lets you receive cash more conveniently across Vietnam.

No need to leave home. We’ll bring the cash to you within 48 hours.

No extra cost for receivers. There’s also no extra cost for senders in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

No worries. You can choose to receive the cash in VND or USD.

How does it work?

It's as simple as a few steps:


We'll call you.

Your sender provides us with your phone number, which we'll use to contact you.


Provide us with your transfer details over the phone:

Your full name

Your sender's name and country

The expected amountThe Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)


We'll make an appointment.

Once all your details have been verified, we'll arrange for the time and address of your delivery


Receive cash delivery.

Present a valid ID (either your passport or any national ID card) and sign the receipt.

Need help?


Contact us anytime.


Or ask our friendly staff at a nearby agent location.


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