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Awareness and education are the best tools we have in the fight fraud. Reporting fraud can lead to more awareness and better education.

We encourage you to contact your local law enforcement authorities if you believe you were a victim of fraud.

You also can contact the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

We suggest that you also contact your State Attorneys General Office of Consumer Affairs or other consumer protection groups if you’re uncertain or suspicious of a telephone, mail or email solicitation.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center, a joint effort of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center, is another good place to go for Internet fraud issues.

Reporting fraud is critical: It helps us educate other consumers and can give authorities information about the latest frauds in the marketplace.

We work frequently with police organizations around the world but it’s important to note that our role is not law enforcement and there are inherent dangers in trying to catch criminals, to both our Agents and customers. Because of this, and the fact that receivers can pick up funds anytime, from a broad number of locations, we cooperate with law enforcement agencies to help in the investigation and prosecution of people who take advantage of our services to commit fraud.

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Report it. You can help us and, in the process, help others from getting scammed in the future.

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