Send Money in Person

When you prefer to handle your money transfer in person, we are nearby to help. We have more than 500,000 Agent locations* worldwide. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents can make your money transfer happen with ease.

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How to Send Money In Person

Sending money in person with Western Union is easy.


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  1. Search for an Agent location near you.
  2. In the Agent location, request the Send Money Service, Money in minutes.1
  3. Provide the Agent with a valid identification document and transaction details.
  4. Pay the applicable funds (including transaction fee) in cash. 
  5. Save your receipt and share the tracking number (MTCN) with your receiver for pickup.

1Read the restrictions and special notes for the Money in Minutes service.

2Western Union also makes money from currency exchange.

*Network data as of 30th of September, 2016.