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My WU® Rewards

You deserve to be rewarded for being a great customer. So you’ll earn reward points every time you complete a qualifying transaction at an agent location or by phone. For every $2 you spend in fees, you’ll earn 1 reward point.

Benefits of My WU membership:

  • Fast, easy transactions, with no forms to fill out on qualifying transfers1.
  • You’ll be instantly recognized without ever having to carry a membership card.
  • SMS2 notifications when your money is picked up. Just call us at 1-877-984-0469 to add your mobile number to your profile.

Enjoy Great Rewards 

Complete a qualifying money transfer, bill payment, or prepaid card reload at an agent location, online or by phone, and you’ll get points automatically.



Certain features of the My WU program are only available at Western Union Agent locations equipped with PC computers. The My WU program may be cancelled without notice. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. See the Western Union My WU Agreement for more details.

1 Formless transactions are not available for the Direct to Bank service option and money transfers that exceeds a certain dollar amount or sent from the U.S. to Cuba. Rewards subject to change without notice.

2 Standard message and data rates apply.